I am a devoted husband, father, grandfather and five-time foster parent who worked my way through college and graduated Cum Laude, BA English, State University of New York.

My dedication to public service began in 1968 teaching English as a Peace Corps volunteer in a remote Turkish village without electricity.

Forty six years later, I continue the pursuit for transformational change as an independent thinker without fear or favor.

Antioch is spirallig downwards with bad headline after bad headline as budgets run on near empty, many school climates border on chaotic and district wide test scores run ten points below state average. We can't twiddle our thumbs any longer. We need bold leadership that will not settle for poor to middling.

I offer innovation and proven governance skills. With my talent for listening, consensus building and probing for alternatives, I will motivate vigorous exchange of productive ideas.

As Trustee for the Antioch Unified School District

  • dropout rate declined from 29% to 18%

  • ending fund balance increased to $27M despite $100M in State cuts in the last 5 years

  • choice made available with 3 charter schools, 5 linked pathway (career-based) academies and 2 small learning communities

  • In first year of my tenure helped take District off the County Fiscal Watchlist after it had run a 9.8 million dollar defict and suffered a 3.3 million dollar accounting error.

  • Left after two terms with District holding a 31 milion dollar ending fund balance.

  • Opened an innovative K-8 school (Orchard Park)

  • Oversaw API test score increase from 702 ro 742 with positive growth in seven of the eight years I was in office.

Other accomplishments include

  • Founder, Antioch Music Foundation

  • Member, Filipino-American Club

  • Knight of Columbus, St. Ignatius of Antioch Church

  • CCC Martin Luther King Humanitarian of the Year

  • Antioch Citizen of the Year, Lifetime Achievement

  • Member / Past President, Mello Roos Board

  • Member / Past Chair, CCC Human Relations Commission

  • Member / Past Chair, CCC Library Commission

  • Advisory Board Member, Interfaith Peace Project

I invite your support to help build excellence in our schools. I believe the best for Antioch's students is yet to come.

For more information, e-mail  Walter or call (925) 756-7628.



Sultandag, Turkey (1968)
Peace Corps Service


St. John Bosco Circle
Columbia Squires of Antioch
2003 Holiday De-Lites Parade
First Place Winner
for Youth Organization

Antioch Music Foundation