Trustee - Area 5
Contra Costa County
Board of Education

Public Service

In 1968, I dedicated myself to public service and youth education teaching English for the Peace Corps in Sultandag, a rural village in Turkey that had no electricity. Fifty years later, the idealism continues.

My twelve-year service as trustee for the Antioch School Board (3 years as President), and my experience with the Pittsburg Unified School District as career facilitator and California Department of Rehabilitation Workability Program Director for adults with disabilities, have given me practical strategies into work-based learning.

My unique administrative/ counseling/ teaching experience matches the distinctive demands of a County Trustee to oversee career training programs, special education, community day schools, and facilities for incarcerated juveniles.

I believe in communication and transparency. I am open, creative and innovative but adhere to sober budgeting, no-nonsense classroom behavior standards and back to the basics core curriculum. In this age of divisiveness, I get along without always going along. I am a consensus-builder but no pushover and cannot be bullied or bought.

For more information, e-mail Walter or call (925) 756-7628.


Peace Corps Service - Sultandag, Turkey (1968)